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Electrical Troubleshooting & Repairs

Electrical Troubleshooting & Repairs

It's essential for a business' success to run smoothly, so when a problem arises due to an electrical failure, it can be extremely frustrating. Whether you experience a partial power outage, flickering buzzing lights, or anything in between, our team of licensed certified electricians is available 24/7. We are capable of addressing all types of electrical issues you might be having so that you can resume business operations with a minimal disruptions.

Common Electrical Issues

Most issues might not cause a major disruption, but there are several that can indicate that may be an underlying electrical problem:

  • Circuit Breakers that trip and won't reset
  • Circuit Breakers that trip repeatedly
  • Burning plastic smell near outlets or switches
  • Outlets or switches that are hot to the touch
  • Outlets or switches not working properly
  • Ethernet jacks not functioning properly

It's time to call a professional electrician if you're experiencing any of these issues. That way, we can troubleshoot and repair these types of issues early on before they turn into either a costly repair or a major safety issue.

We get to the root of electrical issues.

We will test your facility using state of the art equipment to look for issues such as short circuits, loose connections, faulty breakers, fixture conditions, and burned ballasts or transformers. Before performing the work, we will provide you a proposed solution and cost estimate. Finally, if we see a safety issue or underlying problem that requires more than an immediate or temporary repair, we will let you know about it so it can be repaired as soon as possible.

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