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Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofit

Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofit

When your business finds a way to save money and cut down on maintenance, it's a great way to benefit the bottom line. An energy-efficient lighting retrofit project is an example of such an opportunity.

Our team is knowledgeable with Title 24 requirements and the latest lighting technologies. We'll design and install energy efficient lighting that will fit your needs and budget as well as provide you a return on investment.

We will walk through your facility to inspect your current lighting fixtures and controls to identify inefficient components and areas that would benefit from a lighting retrofit.

Retrofit Solutions

Our retrofit solutions are comprehensive from start to finish and include:

  • Existing Lighting Analysis
  • Solution & Product Recommendations
  • Material Procurement
  • On-Budget Reliable System Design
  • New Lighting Installation (LED/H.I.D/CFL)
  • Timers & Switch Controls (increase efficiency)
  • Recycling/Disposal of Old Equipment
  • Rebate & Savings Processing

With so much recent technological advancement, today's energy-efficient lighting spans the color spectrum and can be used for almost any application. So, if your business requires a warm and welcoming atmosphere to attract customers, no need to worry about it looking cold or sterile anymore! There are energy-efficient lamps available that will reproduce the warm appearance of traditional lighting.

How Energy Efficient Lighting Benefits Your Business

LOWER MAINTENANCE COSTS - Modern lighting operates at lower energy consumption rates, lasts longer, runs cooler and decreases demands on HVAC systems.

TAX CREDITS & REBATES - Depending on your location and the equipment you choose, you may apply for a state or federal program.

LOWER ENERGY BILLS - Retrofits decrease energy use throughout their lifetime.

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