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We offer solutions for increased safety and security at your property. With exterior security lights, you can feel much safer when the exterior of your house is adequately illuminated. New LED low-voltage technology has ensured that your energy bill can stay economical while providing the same brightness as traditional lights. The licensed and certified electricians at MB Electric can work with you to design and install an exterior security and safety lighting plan that meets your needs.

Home Security Light Options

Whether you're looking for automatic motion detectors, controlled timing, or whole home exterior illumination, here are some options we offer:

  • LED retrofit lamps to convert existing fixtures for energy savings
  • Replace older fixtures to state of the art fixtures for maximum security
  • Service and repair existing H.I.D. fixtures
  • Motion sensors, photo cells, and controlled timers
  • Post lights, spot lights, flood lights, power outage lights
  • Illuminate entryways, garage, patios, porches and windows
What are the benefits of security lighting?

SAFETY - Provides a feeling of safety knowing dark areas are illuminated to deter intruders as well as ensuring you stay safe in your home's exterior when it's dark.

EFFICIENCY - With new low-voltage LED technology, a properly designed system will last a long time with minimal maintenance as well as energy savings.

CONVENIENCE - As part of our home automation service, you can do things such as turn on all the outdoor lights at the touch of a button if you happen to hear an unusual noise. With controlled timing, you can turn outdoor and indoor lights on and off at the usual times while you travel.

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