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Professional Home Network Wiring Installation

Most households today contain multiple devices that are connected to the internet, including computers and smartphones. In a typical modern home, there can be multiple devices with multiple people connected at the same time. While one person might be working, another may be streaming a movie and yet another on a gaming console. The last thing you want to worry about is a frustrating slowdown or interruption!

In order for all of your modern sophisticated electronics to function with optimal speed and efficiency, your home network needs to be able to support the demand. Professional home network wiring has become essential to keep things running smoothly without the worry of missing your favorite scene on your home theater, interrupting your virtual meeting, or losing a video game -- all due to a failure with your home network.

You'll get the best performance and speed by running network cables, especially if you plan on doing a lot of streaming on your local network. Even if you'll be setting up a wireless network, both the broadband modem and wireless router have to connect to a cable somewhere. And, if you want to connect devices that are Ethernet-ready, you'll need multiple cables. Finally, if you would like to "future-proof" your home network for the next 15 or 20 years we can do that as well.

An Expert Wiring & Cable Installer Can Do It All

The team at MB Electrical Service has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your home is wired for optimal speed and performance.

  • Home network wiring for new contruction, remodels, or upgrades within your existing space.
  • Running Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet Cables in the walls so they're cleanly hidden - no more messy wires!
  • Installing wall ports and setting up a centrally-located patch panel.
  • Clearly labelling all connections, jacks and fixtures in your system.
  • Using only quality wires and jacks that are made specifically for your home network.
  • Checking electrical circuits to ensure your devices have an adequate power supply. Upgrading or adding circuits as needed.

We'll initially meet with you to assess your existing and future network requirements. Then, we'll collaborate with you to design and implement an optimal solution. Finally, we will install and test the system to make sure it's functioning as expected - on time and on budget!

Benefits of professional network cabling:

CONVENIENCE - Having a professionally wired home network will ensure you can stream your favorite movie and enjoy worry-free speed and performance, no matter where in your house you decide to watch -- or if you decide to move around while streaming!

SPEED - Professional cabling for phones (land and VOIP), computers, peripherals, routers, gaming consoles, and other electronics will ensure they perform as fast as your internet service will allow. No more "dead spots" or having to run long messy wires.

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